Good Vibe Evil Eye Set

Good Vibe Evil Eye Set

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This Good Vibe Evil Eye set is the go-to necklace born from the combination of the two evil eye. A must-have for your jewelry collection.

This vibrant evil-eye necklace is gold-filled and will not lose its grace even after years of use. Along with the small hamsa on the chain, these two symbols can be used to emit positive energy and ward off negative thoughts and ideas.

Set contents: 
1x Cuban Chain Choker 13”+2”
1x Sun Burst Evil Eye Necklace 15”+2”
1x Chunky Figaro Necklace 16”+2”
1x Good Vibe Evil Eye Necklace 18”+2”

**What is Gold Filled? 

With Gold Filled jewelry, you get the same appearance as Solid Gold at an attainable price as well as a longer life than gold plated. Also, Gold Filled jewelry lasts longer and will not feed into the market of buying cheap jewelry that tarnishes after a few uses. There is almost 100 percent more gold in gold-filled items than found in Gold Plated items.